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sea biscuit.......

Yesterday i saw a movie named 'Sea Biscuit'.I hope every one is familiar with this story.For the uninformed lot,this story is about a horse which was used as a trainer for the race horses,being spotted by a businessman who is on the verge of economic collapse,jockeyed by a young chap who is nothing but a failure,rising to become one of the most successful race horse of the time and managing to turn around even the great economic depression of 1930s by instilling confidence and faith among the masses. The movie sprang of a thought chain in my mind..How many times in our life have we written off many a persons for their failures.The ever increasing globalization and competition has succeeded in creating a rat race among us..we luv to be associated with the winners,to be seen among the winning team,more precisely to be in the spot light...But how many of us realise that winning is just a right combination of talent,hard work and luck in that order..and that those who lose also hav…

To you my pal,

To you my pal,
I can be my true self and still be normal,
To you my pal,
I can talk without the fear of being mistaken,
To you my pal,
I can convey my mind without speaking a word,
To you my pal,
I can afford to go crazy sometimes just for fun,
To you my pal,
I can just be plain happy,without any reasons,
To you my pal,
I dedicate my only success in life-finding you.

Being Single

This i wrote for hindu openpage,
Staying Single
"I refuse to be a common man. It is my right to be uncommon if I can. I want to dream and to build, to fail and to succeed - never to be numbered among those weak and timid souls who have known neither victory nor defeat"
A great thinker he was, Henry.B.Zachry aptly summed up the spirit of staying single. Being single, gives an individual the much needed freedom and independence of thought. This freedom is the cradle for creativity, courage, passion and willpower which are the ethos of a rare breed of people, of whom the world sees little but hears a lot. These are the people, who with their legendary faith and confidence derived from within, forever changed the course destined for world, much to the chagrin of the others who failed, owing to their emotional and intellectual dependence. And who can exemplify it more aptly than our own Dr.APJ Abdul Kalaam?

In perfect harmony

A small verse that i wrote...

Looking back through the mist,
of the past that time has weaved,
ups and downs and rise and fall,
so sudden to stop for a moment,
the all knowing heart that maketh destiny,
with all its pride,glory and might.

Amidst all the happenings mired in haze,
Explodes the starking spirit of life!
Thank you God,the almighty,if you do exist,
for the pleasures and the pains that crossed,
If tomorrow beheld the gift of being my last,
me would bow down with glee,in perfect harmony


This is my first whats the big deal? you may ask...In a way its special for me,bcoz im not the one to write a lot,nor can i think a lot, and even if by hook or crook i manage all these,i'm so lazy to post it,let alone write it in a notepad and save it on to the then why trouble us?I can hear your sarcastic grunt...
Well,a couple of days ago,I came across this girl,who is a perfect stranger to me.I dont have the faintest inkling of what she looks like,neither do i know about her mind nor about her personality.yet, we talked and talked,and now it seems that she is the closest mould that i can find,who is similar to me.And this I found out by reading thru her blogs.And then it dawned on me,why cant i write one?..
And voila,...god said 'let amp be' n there was this blog..Im not saying that thru reading this blog you will know all about me.Im not even giving a statutory warranty of a very good time reading all this.After all,its just the work of a primitiv…