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As the darkness moves out of the timber,
colours comeback to life from their slumber.
Happy,sure they are,for they dance and dine,
and turn the sky into a canvas above the pine.
Gold,pure and glittering,then starts its parade,
free it is,plenty it is,invaluable it is but for trade.
The creators symphony,by his feathered friends,
neither jazz nor blues ,yet never goes out of trends.
enter the pearls,crowned proudly upon the sword,
for who else can create dewdrops,if not the lord.
the air is filled with love,new hopes everywhere,
sighting the end,gloom and sadness disappear.
so much life in every morning,so much happiness,
I wondered 'what are all these,if not for darkness'

An Ode to my friends....

This is an Ode to my friends,
the list though, never ends.
I think of them as god send,
even if he asks,I would not lend.

I can still remember the day,
when I met her on the way.
Crying my way to the nursery,
she took me along cheerfully.

We became thick friends then,
the days together ,full of fun.
soon seperation brought pain,
And we only watched in vain.

As i moved into the new place,
He provided comfort and solace.
combined studies that lasted nights,
now they seem lost among the lights.

Oh it was my blood brother,
thats how we called each other.
we grow up as a single soul,
even time and space cudnt foul.

more to come .....

A Date with the Destiny...

Scene 1:
Place:AOT (If you thought it is Ardent Orthorhombic Trans-theta or something similar in are fit to be in IIT..But AOT stands for Arun's Own Theatre in our lingo..)
Time:A very very apt time for sleep..Well, a heavy lunch and the slight drizzle in the afternoon are to blame....
Event Description:
Beep! Beep!.With sleep still refusing to go out of my eyes,I searched for the the mobile phone.After two minutes of frantic searching for the phone,which would have put even the best CBI raid to shame,I succeeded in getting it out of my pillow.Now Who is this ?The familiar question which haunts most of the mobile phone owners,flashed in my mind too.
Scene 2:
Place:IIT Gajendra Circle..(No..You are wrong..This place is not named after Captain Vijaykanth's latest movie)...
Time:A couple of minutes after the first scene..(Atleast I thought it was a couple.But you know guys,keeping correct time is one bad habit i have always steered clear of...)
Event Descri…

In a Heart Beat.....

All i want is...
To see all the beauty in a single flower,
To hear all the music in a single flute,
To know all the truth in a single word,
To live all the life in a single heartbeat.