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Needed - Capable Leaders...

Fifty six years have passed since the time world had witnessed an extraordinary phenomenon. The phenomenon wherein, people as different as Germans from Turks or Russians from Afrikaans, came together to create a country that is roughly half of Europe in terms of size and equivalent to the entire Asia put together, in terms of diversity. The fact that India has flourished even after countless attempts on her integrity, is a standing testimony to the people who inhabit her. However there is a nagging question that needs to be pondered upon by any responsible citizen of India. Could India have done more?
Looking back, we find that India had its own share of problems-burdening population, incorrect economic policies, bleak industrial scenario, wars and internal strafes to name a few. But all these problems are like the stars in a broad daylight sky, which get lost in the glare of sunlight. The Sun being, with due apologies to the now rather endangered species of honest politicians, …