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A Star far away......

Every night as I walk among the grass,
A solitary wanderer lost amidst thoughts,
I see the sky with the moon and the stars,
An exquisite attire of black with shiny dots.

There among the numerous,lies one star,
Shivering and quivering so near,yet so far.
How I wish I had the wings of a great pelican,
strong enough to fly me through the distance.

It is a perfect companion to a lonely human,
tired of earthly vile,longing for a true soul.
For it expects nothing and accepts anything,
cheering and prodding,when among the gutters.

It twinkles more,when i find it among the rest
As if to say coyly,'I know you would find me'.
No matter where,its always there,awaiting
For my glance,only to shine brighter, after.

But are'nt stars just chunks of matter,destined
To burn and sparkle all the way till the end?
Lifeless they are,did we say they have no emotions?
still,What does it have,that stole my heart away?

If it were possible,take away all that I possess,
In Exchange,give me a moment …