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Of late, im not blogging a lot...infact a long time has passed since i posted my last blog.There have been lotsa events happening of late and a couple of them, really really worth a blog. But unfortunately time has become a precious commodity, and all my efforts to hoard it, duplicate it, or simply kill it have not borne expected results;).So I have learnt to live with it, killing the rest of my creative efforts like blogging,writing, drawing ....But there is an experience which happened only a day back, which has been bugging my mind and on which i cant help but write a blog.and this blog,gentlemen, is on that experience, which is a revelation, the fragrance of which , i think i will carry to my death..

Well, it all started as a normal day, as normal as it can be..with no hint whatsoever of the storm that was brewing.To put you in the loop, lemme give the background.Yesterday is called 'Rose Day'...does it ring any bell with you ppl?
No??? is certainly not a day whe…