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Oh!!he is in pain, my beloved..
can you see the twitch in his face..
and the maddening grief that it does to my heart?
why cant he be left in peace? And to sleep??

what right did any one have? what cruelty?
The ruthlessness and the coldness of it,
that makes even a maniacal murderer shudder,
must for sure belong to an iron heart!!

And here I am, blinded by tears and fury
Tears, for the pain felt by the little kid,
And fury against that faceless killer that smirks
And rears its ugly head through that pain ..

Beware!!Whomsover concerned!!you may be winning!!
But it is the losing ground that inspires us,
To make new grounds and to create new paths!
And history will write it that we had the last laugh!!

Good Bye Sweetheart!!!

In the already short journey of life,
yours was a whisker! A lightening!!!
you had not even lived out your childhood,
yet you had suffered all the pains possible..

Not a single dew you had seen,not a single melody,
Not a single colour, not a single touch of that famous life.
Yet you had to go,or rather you were made to go..
Helpless we were, we watched u struggle your way thru'.

Good bye sweet, as you move into the unchartered,
you had shown us the folly of assuming the al'powerful.
For we fared no better than worms, when we watched you cry!!
Good bye sweet, and the next time you visit
Make sure you get a body perfect and live it to the fullest.!!

If only you could!!!

Ever been on a journey into a child's mind??
If so, what have you seen?Innocence,joy and bliss??
How bout goin on this special journey into a special child!!
have a strong heart?for this sojourn requires not, the weaker.

Try imagining the feelings of a Tiny tot,
as he slowly understands tat dreaded destiny of his.
Tat he has a mysterious disease and it will eat him slowly.
And that he may not live longer and in peace!!

Oh God!!please..I will give you everything i possess,
everything that can be had from me..EVERYTHING POSSIBLE!!!
If only you could allow that tiny bud to blossom naturally,
If only you could prevent it from getting nipped in bud!!!!

I Wish I could CRY!!!

I wish I could cry!!
so much pain, so much sorrow,
And not a streak of hope or luck,
For a flower that is yet to bud!!!

I wish I could cry!!
there the little child lies,
writhing and twisting in pain,
and we could , but watch.

I wish I could cry!!
the eyes that should beam joy
the face that should scream happiness,
lies there, staring at me hollow.

I wish I could cry!!
the fury and anger in my mind
against the unknown lethal killer
dissolves into a stark state of helplessness,.


spontaneous sparks.....

Well, did some one of you curse me for livin in the safewaters for a looooong looooong really long time? If you did, then take heart.My life has taken a turn for the worse for the past couple of weeks and its become emotional..just when i thought im the most cold blooded mammal around, (and tats the most modest way to put it!!!) i find myself tripping into one of the most emotional and painful roller coaster rides of life tat i ever had!!And all of them came from a single place..Institute of Child Health and goes on for another line or so...and so lets conveniently forget it..and call it cancer hospital..
And everytime i come back after a visit, i lose my self consciousness and can think of nothing but the hollow faces...faces which ought to have bubbled with childhood fantasies, happiness and pure joy...but now jus plain dark hollow, and bereft of emotionz...why cant some one find a cure for their illness..If only some one can do it!!!I will place myself at their service and gi…


I went into the woods because I wanted to live deliberately
I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow out of life
To put to rout all that was not life
And not when I had come to die,Discover that I had not lived..!!!

----Henry David Thoreau