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Of Rome and Romans!!!

It feels good to be blogging again after a long time..;)Especially if you are typing it on your own what do i add as my first post from my first laptop?Obviously, what else can it be, if not for the sweetlooking,cute powerbook of mine.So pull up your seat belts ppl, here we go.......

Did Darwin say that world is a crazy place which cold bloodedly follows the rule of 'survival of the fittest'?Well, he might have been wrong!!In reality, the rule is 'Survival of the maxim'.More explicitly,What the world thinks is good, survives!And what does the world think as good?Its what the rest of the world thinks as good.No kidding, its what the real world is.We are living in a crazy world, where objective opinions have become a highly endangered commodity,victimised systematically and brutally by none other than humanity.To offer an example, take any field that man had ventured, be it arts, science or engineering.Note the number of times humanity has shunned away from g…