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We, the living

While going through my drafts,I stumbled across this one from my student times..this is a very interesting read and provocative too.donno hw I missed publishing here we go..
We the people ..
I dont understand why man considers himself a big screaming deal!I mean, after all , we are insignificat titbits, squatting in a lost planet, somewhere in the solar system,which is at the edge of a galaxy,which really is a tiny part of a supergalaxy, which is inturn,a speck of the universe. Atleast with the discovery of all these entities, you would think that man has atlast realised his place in the scheme of things. Bingo!!There you are! what are you talking kid!! We mighty humans never do or imagine anything that detriments our ego.You see,irrespective of the different kind of jobs we take up, all of us can be classified into the following six types,which incidentally, is the answer to the question,'Who are you?'
Im a ambitious go-getter.Well this is the most common answe…