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Motor cycle Diaries

Motor Cycle Diaries..

Hiya there! Remember me? Im the owner of this blog that has grown tired of crying for attention and now silently assumed that it has died a martyr's death:)While I would like to leave it with that belief and pack my bags to honolulu, there is this small something that I saw sometime back which makes me backtrack. Well, you guessed it rite..Its a movie. The Motorcycle Diaries..Its about a young man and his friend who dream of traveling around a continent in their vintage motorcycle. Seems like a simple single line story isn't it? Thats pretty much where the simplicity ends. For the young man is none other than Che Guevara and the Continent is nothing less than South America itself. Im not going to give you a short intro to Che, coz if you do not know him then chances are you are either a separate species of homo sapiens, following an entirely different branch of evolution or you were cast away in a uninhabited island for most part of your life and turned…