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The truth is out there ...

While people talked about the occurrence of lunar eclipse on Feb 20, 2008, the one and only question curiously bugged me was - 'Are we alone?'. Certainly this question must have crossed our minds at some point in our lives, yet this question remains unanswered.

But that one question, leads to series of doubts ...
I must begin this topic by saying, I'm no savant. But as an average acquainted individual, here are my few insights. The universe is made up of billions of galaxies and each of them containing billions of stars. The distance between each heavenly body is measured in light years. Just imagine the amount of space we have out there. Is earth the only planetary body containing life form? Aren't there any other celestial bodies composed of existence of life?
Here are some thoughts ...
Plants, animals and people of today are made up of thousands of millions of cells, followed from the simple single-celled organisms of long ago. Did the big bang theory, which is an ass…


Well, well, well ... what can I say about this movie. I would rate this movie as A+, the fact being that not only kids can enjoy this most astounding animated movie, but so can adults ;). It has comedy, action, romance ... little bit of everything.

It's endearing characters is what gives the audience an experience of the amazingly enjoyable, entertaining, lively, yet a relaxing and stress free moment. It annotates not just the relationship between animals and humans but also enlightens on their common interest ...................................... FOOD. :)

The story takes place in Paris where the main characters, an aggressively ambitious rat (Remy) who dreams of becoming a chef inspired by late Gusteau and an amateurish clumsy young man (Linguini) who cleans the kitchen at Gusteau's restaurant, meet in a very unusual yet amusing manner and become friends of some sort. The reason I use the words "some sort" is because the only way of communicating for them was by gest…

Starbucks closed ...

relax guys ... its just for 3 hours. TODAY "Starbucks is closing the doors at its 7,100 stores across America for its barista re-education today for three hours." --- Quoted by Yahoo News.

Why is this thing such a big deal? I had my friends call me and say 'OH MY GOD !!! Can you like imagine Starbucks being closed. What would we do now???" !!!! Guyyyssss .... chilaaxxxxx. I wonder if Starbucks has just become the one and only place for the caffeine addicted community or fashionable elites amassing for socialization.There's always Dunkin Donuts and they ain't that bad :). This will at least give DD a chance to prove their worthiness to the majestic Starbucks lovers. ENJOY !!!

The Pursuit of Happyness

This is one of the best movies I have ever seen and would always be in my favourite list of powerful movies.“The Pursuit of Happyness”, which means the chase for happiness, is based on a true story. As you can readily notice, the word "Happyness" is misspelt in the title. A wall present in the neighborhood of the protagonist has a graffiti which wrongly quotes the phrase as Pursuit of Happyness, thus emphasizing the world where he lives. The phrase incidentally, was made famous by American President Thomas Jefferson in one of his quotes:)

The movie draws an outline of the life of the protagonist who is at the bottom rock, the lowest of the lowest strata of the society, yet who dares to dream. Dreams that are unrealistic; dreams that are big....full of great achievement,of becoming 'A Somebody'. The movie is the story of a 'self made' man who stops at nothing but success. Coming from a not so educated background, our hero runs a family and strives to make ends …

Practise ‘18 ities’ to attain Immortality

"Serenity, regularity, absence of vanity, Sincerity, simplicity, veracity, equanimity, Fixity, non-irritability, adaptability, Humility, tenacity, integrity, nobility, magnanimity, charity, generosity, purity. Practise daily these eighteen "ities" You will soon attain immortality."

--- Socrates

Don't Give Up ... - By Bobette Bryan

Some days are a battle,
a steep climb uphill,
and you think you won't make it
and never will, but
don't give up!

When the money is low,
and the bills are high
and you hang your head
and want to cry,
don't give up!

Things will go wrong--
and they always will;
but try to smile when you
get the bill, and
don't give up!

Life may be a pallet
of gray skies and blue
but only storms can bring
a rainbow to you, so
don't give up!

Even when your spirit's flying low
and you're floating on doubt
and your whole life is
suddenly turned inside out,
don't give up!

Let me tell you
what success is all about,
it means hanging in there
and sticking it out! So
don't give up!

When you're tired
and you can't go on,
and your fuel is low
and your hope is gone,
don't give up!

Remember your dreams
even when they seem far,
because you never know
just how close you are, if you
don't give up!

The tide will always turn
when you're hardest hit,
So give it your all,
but never quit! And
don't give up!

My Eden

I know Im dying.

Yet, the tears that I shed,
from the eyes that saw but misery,
are not for the love of a beautiful life,
that soon would become a past,so distant.

The dark blood that spils out,
from a heart that beats but its demise,
is not for the memoirs of a lost love,
that breaks everyone's but seldom the beloved.

the tears I shed, are for the paradise I lost,
for the days of spring; for the flowers.
for the song of the blue-eyed sparrow,
for the occasional rain drop that splashed by me.

But most of all, I yearn for the time I had,
for the freedom to do and follow mind's whims.
The unfettered life and the unbound hand,
the endless energy and the delightful freshness.

Why did I ever choose this shackle of Gold?
Why am I not the achilles? or the aristotle?
This feeling of being special, when I chose my cage,
Why did it fade away like smoke?

This spineless toil, the heartless race,
to reach the bottom of the bottomless.
the blood spilled and the sweat wasted,
would it buy a patch of grass by the ri…

A Writer's Block!

Thats what has hit me:) Nevertheless, I hope to break it by chiseling piece by piece. Well, my first chisel is gotta be the foremost of all.The thing called human mind. Some one rightly said 'great if ye know the ways of human mind'. What are we or rather what would we be, if not for the mind of ours!A small example I found today, worth noting down. I used to like the movie RHTDM when it came first.That was some six years ago. But now I am unable to even stand a single scene from it. The movie is the same. But the mind which saw it is different now. Consider this. All things remaining the same, my feeling towards the movie could be benevolent or malevolent depending on the particular disposition of my mind. Which means that the director who can get the best of the best movies, or the writer who could write the most beautiful story could still be defeated by a 750gm glob of a muscular mass staying at the head of the viewer. So how do you expect to win over the mind of the cror…