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An Interesting Night ...

(ting tong) Howard, a 6 feet 1 inch well built and handsome lad, hears the door bell ring. He hurriedly runs to get the door and looks at his watch. Thinking that his date has arrived 15 minutes early, opens the door. Upon seeing Mona, 5 feet 3 inch tall girl dressed up in a scintillating and elegant evening gown wearing minimum jewelery and Howard admiring her simplicity yet her exquisite taste of fashion, holds her by her waist and gives her a passionate kiss. Mona surprised with the affection shown by Howard like never before blushes and quietly sits on the couch while Howard rushes in to wear his new blazer to look classy for Mona or shall I say dresses up to meet her standards. He comes out wearing the blazer. Howard: So what do you think?Mona: About?Howard (showing off): About my new jacket sweetheart.Mona (smiles): You look fantastic as usual.Howard blushes and goes into the bathroom to admire himself one last time to look fine for the evening. He comes out and asks Mona if sh…

Five Point Someone

What can I say about this book:
1. Simple 2. Well put
3. Hilarious
4. Exhilarating
5. Touching
6. Sweet
7. Practical

... I can go on and on about it

A+ is what I would grade this book as, by Chetan Bhagat. It has comedy, action, love, suspense ... everything, you name it. The simplicity and flow of writing is what makes one feel as if they were watching a movie in thier minds.

This book is about 3 young boys - Hari, Ryan and Alok; who managed to get admission in IIT, one of the most well known and hard-to-get-in colleges in India. IIT's education system is based on 10-point GPA system. The higher your points, the more you are looked upon by your fellowmates, including even the professors; the lower your points, the more you are treated like an unwanted minion of some kind. Personally I would say any IITian regardless what location in India or as a matter of fact any equally tough college students or professors, can easily relate to this book. Each character in this book is one of a kind - s…