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Please do not become Workers!

Was reading this excellent book 'From Jugaad to Innovation' by Rishikesha T krishnan. Just through the first part, yet had to keep it down to log my thoughts to here. After a decade of successful growth and increasing visibility,the one question that keeps coming at India is this. If Indians are highly successful in running companies to governments, why is India not a leader in Technology? The answer, I believe, lies in our failure to develop the 'entrepreneur' in all of us. We at India have successfully created a system where in everyone in the company from the top management to the bottom rung are merely workers , dancing to the tune of the immediate higher authority. We just work at our offices,  content to do the chore assigned, make excuses if we cannot do it in time and find the satisfaction in griping and whining about everything else in the country. May be it is still a remnant of the colonial era, but this mindset has to go, if we are to become anywhere close …