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Transparency and Fear of Action

There is increasingly a talk in India that as CBI and the public force the politician/bureaucrats about the legality of decisions taken by them, files will stop moving and no body will be bold enough to take a decision.I find this hard to believe, since common wisdom tells that if you are a honest officer and take straight forward decisions, no one can blame you. Only those people who sought favors or who did not want to oppose their higher ups for the wrong decisions they have taken, need to be afraid and need to fear. So all this talk by politicians about processes being stalled or the like is actually crocodile tears, just to get CBI out of their backs.

The CBI and the bureaucrat - The Hindu

Getting the IITs back on top - The Hindu

The IITs are called as glorified engineering colleges by the UGC Chairman.while it may be true,one has to remember the fact that it was the policy of government that made them into what they are today.

The way forward is very simple and IITs have started doing it already. As fmr president of united states Mr.clinton would have said "it is the research,stupid". True to this,there is a silent change happening at IITs, with research slowly getting the much deserved center stage as it should have ,years ago. It will take time before the results start to show, but the first step has been taken in the right direction. So may be it is time for others to leave IITs alone instead of carrying out propoganda exercises of what went wrong,which are invariably done with the aim of seeking publicity

Getting the IITs back on top - The Hindu

the real amazing explanation of chennai colloquial tamil

the below post is in tamil and I apologize for recommending it in english :( but the post changed my opinion abt Chennai tamil. read and enjoy.for people who cant read tamil,use to translate the tamil post